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little requests. [Nov. 12th, 2007|06:29 pm]
JRock Fanfiction Requests
I'm looking for someone to write me some short oneshot things, really. for now I won't request anything much, because I'll write something similar back for someone who completes mine, and usually I'm awful about writing stories, but I'm getting better at pr0ns. plus, sometimes I don't always find any fanfiction for pairs I like.

First off, my favorite pairs, the ones I like to read...

1. Shou/Hiroto (Alice Nine)
2. Tora/Saga (Alice Nine)
3. Miku/Takuya (An Cafe)
4. Maya/Aiji (LM.C)
5. Yasu/You (Janne Da Arc) [I also like Ka-yuYasu/You threesome fluff, lol]
6. Maru/Tsukasa (bis)
7. Takeru/Chiyu (SuG)

(More if I actually remember stuff, and for other pairings in the bands I do have up there, go ahead and ask if I like them.)

Lately I've been in the cuddly mood so all I'm asking is for cuddles and loves - not so much confession-ish things, but the day in the life of lovers. Like, lazy mornings on the couch together, cuddles and laying heads on laps and shoulders or legs and affectionate little things like that. Circles with fingers on skin, hair stroking, you got it. Fluffy things that they'd do after waking up, curling up and watching a movie together, anything like that. Anything.
Though - it's not necessarily stuff like an overload of fluffiness, not the kind of constant 'ILU' sort of stuff, but things they'll do when they've pretty much secured the <3s.

I honestly would have no qualms about anything within that range of stuff, just togetherness things. now, not necessarily pr0ns because I get picky with those sometimes. well, you could, if you want something long from me back, but I will be incredibly picky~

In return if you write me something, I'll write you pretty much anything you want in a similar length with like, any pairing, even if it's contrary to any of my favorites.
Pr0ns are not offlimits (I LOVE WRITING PRONS BTW) but I don't really do long stories, so I'm only looking for oneshots anyway. I prolly won't get over 10 pages approx, but I can try - and I do tend to get very wordy with a lot of things lately so I might have an easier time than I might think I would.


TL;DR, but if you're interested post and we can chat~ : D I'll love you forever :3

(If anything is unclear just post and ask for clarification~)

[User Picture]From: tora_bish
2008-02-17 12:04 am (UTC)
I've got a Takeru x Chiyu done, posting it to Jrock Yaoi. v^.^
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From: marshkitten
2008-02-18 06:20 am (UTC)
again, thanks so much ;o; <333
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[User Picture]From: pblackwood
2010-12-16 05:12 am (UTC)
Right now I'm writing the first chapter of an epic fanfic that I have planned, but I can totally write a Maya/Aiji and this gives me a good excuse to do that, too.
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